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Electronic Race Timing for the 2019 SRRC Winter Series is provided by FALCON RACE TIMING (www.falconracetiming.com).

  1. Click here for results of the 2019 SRRC Winter Series 5K from January 27.

  2. Click here for results from the the second race of the 2019 SRRC Winter Series, the 5 Mile Race to be held on February 5.

  3. Click here for results from the 2.5 Mile Race on February 10, the third race of the 2019 SRRC Winter Series.

  4. Click here for results from the final races of the 2019 SRRC Winter Series, the 1 mile Race and the 6.5 Mile Race  on February 17.

Pictured above is the start of the 2017 SRRC Winter Series 6.5 mile and 1 mile run on Sunday, February 19. Thanks to all our volunteers, sponsors, Falcon Timing, and to everyone who participated in the 2017 SRRC Winter Series! We hope you enjoyed the series!



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The 30th Annual Susuquehanna Ridge Runners Club Winter Series began on Sunday, January 28 with a 5K in Selinsgrove. The series continues over four consecutive weekends. 
2018 Winter Series sponsors include Kieffer Physical Therapy, Hummels Wharf (570-743-4000); North Shore Railroad, Northumberland; R.K. Smoker Waterfowl Carving (www.smokerdecoys.com); and USA Embroidery & Silkscreen, Beaver Springs.
Timing for the Winter Series is provided by FALCON RACE TIMING.
For results from the first race, click here. 

Pictured above is the start of the first race of the 2018 SRRC Winter Series, the 5K in Selinsgrove. Thanks to Bob Welby of Falcon Timing for this photo.
The 5 Mi. Race scheduled for February 4 was altered due to weather conditions. The 5K course was run instead. For results from the second race, click here. 
The third race of the series was run as planned on February 11. For results from the 2.5 Mi. Race, click here.
The final races of the series were run on February 18. Those events were a hilly 6.5 Mi. and flat out and back 1 Mi. Click here for results from those two races. 
Thank you to all our 2018 Winter Series sponsors, our volunteers, this year’s series participants, and to Falcon Timing for their excellent work!http://www.smokerdecoys.comhttp://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/SRRC%20Winter%20Series%20Race%201%20Overall%202018.htmhttp://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/SRRC%20Winter%20Series%20Race%202%20Overall%202018.htmhttp://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/SRRC%20Winter%20Series%203%20Overall%202018.htmhttp://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/SRRC%20Winter%20Series%204%20Overall%202018.htmhttp://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/SRRC%20Winter%20Series%20Race%201%20Overall%202018.htmResults_files/2014_SRRC_Winter_Series_5mi.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4